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01 Oct, 20 9:33 PM Mohali


General Pest Control Solutions in Mohali  - General Pest Control: We offer General Disinfestations treatment, which is highly effective against all kinds of pests such as Ants, Bugs, Spiders, Lizards and Silverfish. These pests carry various diseases like malaria, TB, dysentery, cholera, and many more which can even be a threat to human life. We provides highly effective as well as a long lasting relief to such problems, ensuring absolutely no harm to humans.GEL TREATMENT and SPRAYING TREATMENT.

We are specialized in offering various General Pest Control services for preventing hazardous pest activity that are spread up in households. We make use of various physical, chemical and biological methods to control over the pests.

Ants, Spiders, Lizards, Silver Fish etc. are pests that thrive around human dwellings. Unclean conditions increase their numbers. These insects, because of their dependence on man for food, will still exist in the best and cleanest of premises. These insects are repulsive, cause diseases by carrying germs on their body and contaminate food. They also interfere with personal comfort and can cause social embarrassment. Personal efforts at eliminating these pests are ineffective and time consuming.

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