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25 Nov, 20 1:38 AM Ahmedabad


Pharma Pcd company Ahmedabad ,Gujarat - With around a decade of experience in the Indian pharma franchisee market, we provide unparalleled experience to our partners. Since inception, caring has been at the core of everything we do at Orion. For patients, caring is a promise that we will do whatever it takes to ensure they have continued access to the highest quality medicines at affordable prices; whether a disease affects millions or just a few hundreds. To the medical fraternity, caring means the assurance of world-class medicines and support across multiple therapeutic areas. For business partners, caring brings the confidence of always getting world-class quality and competitive prices. For employees, caring manifests itself in a safe, equal-opportunities workplace that fosters innovation for a healthier world.

Orion a leader in pharma PCD company is constantly moving ahead towards its vision to have a global presence and strong foot hold in the field of pharmaceutical manufacturing, marketing and new drug research and development. Our entire orientation is focused on what’s good for humanity and then what’s good for the company will automatically follow.

We are committed to continuously strengthening our brands & products to improve our competitive position in propaganda pharma market and financial performance of the firm. In the long term, we will explore the overseas market & shall emerge as a mighty player in the pharmaceutical export market. We continue to build and foster strategic business partnerships with major pharmaceutical companies, drug delivery companies and other product and service providers.

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